rapidly iterating crowd ideas

A CSCW 2013 Workshop: Feb 23 & 24, 2013 Application: November 16, 2012
Contact: Notification: December 11, 2012


Lydia Chilton (UW)
Paul André (CMU)
Jeff Bigham (Rochester)
Mira Dontcheva (Adobe)
Elizabeth Gerber (Northwestern)
Eric Gilbert (Georgia Tech)


The rapidly growing field of collective intelligence encompassing crowdsourcing, human computation, and social computing is having a tremendous impact on the way we work, live, and play. Building on the success of a CHI 2012 CrowdCamp, this two-day event focuses on developing ideas into concrete outputs: in-depth thoughts on hard problems, paper or coded prototypes, experiment design and data mining. We will bring together researchers and industry experts to discuss future visions and make tangible headway on those visions, as well as seeding collaboration. The outputs from discussion, brainstorming, and building will persist after the workshop for attendees and the community to view.

Participants for this workshop will be selected based on applications. We are looking for students, faculty, and industry researchers. Social scientists, programmers, ethnographers, designers and whatever else you consider yourself are all welcome.

The application form can be found here. More details below.

Further details can be found in the workshop extended abstract document.

Past years

This is the third instance of CrowdCamp. Here are links to earlier incarnations:


The CHI workshop was successful in engaging a diverse group and producing satisfied participants and tangible outputs. We also learnt a lot about process. This time, the idea submission and discussion pre-workshop will feed directly into the workshop, with those specific ideas represented in the workshop to ground initial team formation. We are also thinking about adding a pre-workshop dinner the night before, allowing more time for structured feedback during the workshop, and limiting attendance to around 35 people to ensure everyone can interact meaningfully with the rest of the attendees. Specifically for CSCW, we are emphasizing experiment design and data analysis topics related to computer-supported cooperative work.


We are interested in ideas and the ability of participants to produce something in the two day workshop (whether that deliverable is an experiment design, in-depth thoughts on a problem, data analysis, or a coded prototype). For this reason we are not only asking you to describe your ideas but also your way of working. We know that a good team can make or break an experience.

The form can be found here.

We ask participants to fill in the application form, consisting of the following questions, by Nov 16, 2012:

  • Two or three ideas of future visions (and how we might make concrete headway with them), project ideas (broad and specific), or dataset-specific questions
  • Skillset description (background? studier? builder?), with examples if applicable. Details on interest in working on a collaborative research team. (For example, through an example of a project on which you recently worked, and how you best function in a team.)
  • A short biography of the author wishing to attend the workshop (100-150 words). Applications should be single-authored, not from a team. We highly encourage teamwork on the day, but would like social interaction, idea iteration, and group formation at the event.

Accepted applicants will be asked to read (anonymized) ideas, and write a short blog post about themselves and highlight the ideas they found particularly interesting.