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An HCOMP 2016 Workshop (see Conference Workshop Page)

November 3, 2016   Applications due: September 30, 2016 11:59PM (PDT)
Location: Austin, TX, USA   Notification: all applications accepted!
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Markus Krause (UC Berkeley)
Praveen Paritosh (Google)
Adam Tauman Kalai (Microsoft Research)

application information

CrowdCamp is a one-day hack-a-thon for crowdsourcing, human computation, social media, collective intelligence ideas. The focus is on creating a deliverable prototype or study design within the workshop itself. Prior CrowdCamp projects over the last four years have resulted in top-tier conference publications, blog posts, and on-going research.

We invite students, faculty, and industry researchers to participate, from social scientists to programmers, ethnographers to designers, and anyone else interested. Everyone is welcome!

This year's CrowdCamp will highlight the human aspect of crowdsourcing. It will focus on the human elements of the systems built and data collected. All participants are therefore encouraged to embrace ambiguity, uncertainty, and chaos as vital elements of their projects, as well as to incorporate rigorous metrics and methodologies from human subjects research, e.g., psychology, sociology and survey design.

In emphasizing the human of human-in-the-loop systems, we will provide access to crowdsourced platforms and a limited budget for human judgments collected for participants. We encourage submissions that focus on tasks requiring more skill and collaboration. In addition to mTurk, we encourage participants to use other labor pools like Upwork, participants of the HCOMP conference, etc.

The application should take about 10 minutes. It asks for:

  • One hack-a-thon idea This may be viewed by other participants, but if you are accepted to CrowdCamp, you will still be free to change your idea. We are looking for ideas that are specific rather than vague. The goal is to generate ideas that a group of 3-5 people can actually finish in 2 days.
  • A description of what interests you about crowdsourcing We are looking for a diverse group of people that will develop amazing projects during CrowdCamp.
  • Your contact information

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Past years

Past CrowdCamps include: CrowdCamp has brought together a diverse groups of scholars that have worked passionately on well-scoped projects. Many participants have continued working on their projects beyond CrowdCamp, generating impactful publications and fruitful collaborations. A few examples include: The hacking groups from CrowdCamp @ HCOMP 2013 wrote reports on their projects.