GroupSight: Workshop on Human Computation for Image and Video Analysis

  • Workshop Overview

What would be possible if we could accelerate the analysis of images and videos, especially at scale? This question is inspiring widespread interest across communities as diverse as computer vision, human computer interaction, computer graphics, and multimedia. Some researchers are designing algorithms to automatically analyze visual content, yet many tasks remain too difficult for state-of-the-art algorithms. Other researchers are investigating ways to leverage crowdsourced human computation to power the analysis of visual content, however this is a more costly and less scalable alternative. And, at the intersection, lies an emerging research field for how to actively decide when and how to engage humans to cooperate with computers for visual analysis.

The aim of this workshop is to promote greater interaction between the diversity of researchers and practitioners who examine how to mix human and computer efforts to convert visual data into discoveries and innovations that benefit society at large. It will foster in-depth discussion of technical and application issues for how to engage humans with computers to optimize cost/quality trade-offs. It will also serve as an introduction to researchers and students curious about this important, emerging field at the intersection of crowdsourced human computation and image/video analysis.

  • Workshop Website

Visit the Workshop's Website for additional details about it.

  • Important Dates

  • November 3, 2016: Workshop (full-day)
  • Location

The workshop will be held at the primary conference venue, the AT&T Executive Conference Center.

  • People

Visit the Workshop's Website for a list of its invited speakers.

Organizing & Steering Committee

Serge Belongie

Cornell University

Steve Branson


Danna Gurari

University of Texas at Austin

James Hays

Georgia Tech

Genevieve Patterson

Brown University / MSR New England

Pietro Perona