Industry & Practice at HCOMP 2016

  • Overview

HCOMP promotes the exchange of advances in human computation and crowdsourcing not only among researchers, but also engineers and practitioners, to encourage dialogue across disciplines and communities of practice. As an international top-tier conference, HCOMP is attended by leaders and future leaders from all over the world to present cutting edge research at a time of unprecedented growth in the tech industry. We attract a unique diversity of researchers, industry practitioners, & media, combining social scientists and influencers with technological innovators and adopters. Whether you want to showcase your technology to the crowdsourcing community or tap into this great source of talent, HCOMP is the place to be!

We invite practitioners and industry members to submit work and attend the conference, as well as support the conference as sponsors.

Participation opportunities tailored to practitioners include:

Sponsors play a vital role in ensuring HCOMP's continuing success. By keeping registration fees affordable for academic researchers, especially students, sponsorships from corporations, universities, and other institutions help sustain HCOMP's economic viability and proud tradition of strong participation each year. HCOMP is the conference to showcase your technology to the crowdsourcing community or tap into this great talent pool.

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  • Industry Panels


Monday, October 30, 2016, 4:30-6pm


Two industry panels will discuss

For additional details of confirmed panelists and panel topics, please visit the links above.

  • Industry & Practice Track

Call for Submissions

HCOMP seeks to advance human computation and crowdsourcing practice as well as research, including engineers and practitioners to encourage dialogue across disciplines and communities of practice. Participation in the Industry & Practice Track offers a unique opportunity to showcase your technology (by demo or presentation), network with other professionals and researchers alike, and tap into HCOMP's incredible source of talent. The Industry & Practice track allows practitioners to share and discuss state-of-the-art practice in crowdsourcing and human computation processes and technologies, whether in companies (big and small) or other organizations (e.g., non-profits, governments, etc.). Industry & Practice Track participants are invited to present innovative approaches used in practice in their organization; submissions from small projects and organizations are especially encouraged. Tell us and the audience how your project, technology, and/or crowd became what it is today, where it started from, and what shape the path from then to now took.

Eligibility. The Industry & Practice Track welcomes submissions from all practitioners, whether in companies (big and small) or other organizations (e.g., non-profits, governments, galleries/libraries/museums/archives, etc.). The track is not appropriate for submissions describing research, which should instead be directed to the Works-in-Progress & Demonstration Track.

Length & Formatting. To apply to participate in the Industry & Practice Track at HCOMP 2016, please submit a written description of what you would like to present (up to 2000 words). There is no required formatting or template to adhere to, but submissions must be uploaded in PDF format.

Required Content. At the top of the submission, authors should identify themselves and their organizations, and specify whether they wish to present a poster and/or an interactive demonstration.

Presentation Format. Authors of accepted submissions will present their work to all conference attendees as posters and/or demos during the main conference. Names, affiliations, and submission titles will be posted on the website and in the printed program. The PDFs themselves will only be used for making acceptance decisions and will not be posted online or published.

Juried Review. Submissions will be reviewed for quality, diversity, and relevance for competitive acceptance.

Submission. Papers should be submitted via EasyChair.

Contact us at

 Important Dates (deadlines assume UTC-12 timezone, i.e., the latest timezone on Earth)

  • August 15, 2016: Papers due
  • August 25, 2016: Notification

Industry & Practice Track Co-Chairs


Sunday, October 30, 2016, 3-6pm


This tutorial will synthesize and summarize insights from the recently published book entitled "Crowdsourced Data Management: Industry and Academic Perspectives." (Amazon link) The aims of the book and the tutorial are to narrow the gap between academics and practitioners.

Visit the tutorial webpage to learn more about it.


Aditya Parameswaran

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne