Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Human Computation

  • Workshop Overview

There is great untapped potential for foundational mathematical research to influence and shape the future of human computation. Indeed there is already a small literature on the use of mathematical models to analyze and design human computation systems including crowdsourcing markets, prediction markets, and user-generated content sites. However, we are far from having a full systematic understanding of the possibilities and limitations of human computation.

This workshop will bring together researchers across disciplines to discuss the future of research on the mathematical foundations of human computation, with particular emphasis on the ways in which theorists can learn from the existing empirical literature on human computation and the ways in which applied and empirical work on human computation can benefit from mathematical foundations.

  • Workshop Website

Visit the Workshop Website for additional details about it.

  • Important Dates

  • November 3, 2016: Workshop (full-day)
  • Location

The workshop will be held at the primary conference venue, the AT&T Executive Conference Center.

Organizing Committee

Shuchi Chawla

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Chien-Ju Ho

Cornell University

Michael Kearns

University of Pennsylvania

Jenn Wortman Vaughan

Microsoft Research

Santosh Vempala

Georgia Tech