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Monday, October 23, 2017 at Hilton Quebec

9am-5pm Doctoral Consortium (location: Beaumont, 2nd floor; by invitation only)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at Hilton Quebec

9am-5pm GroupSight Workshop (location: Beauport, 2nd floor)

CrowdCamp (location: Beaumont, 2nd floor)
5:30pm-7pm HCOMP 2017 Welcome event (location: Hilton Executive Club, 23rd floor)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at Hilton Quebec

Joint day with the ACM UIST conference!

8:45am-9am Opening remarks
9am-10am Keynote: Niki Kittur
10am-10:40am Break

Session 1: Citizen Science and Sensing

Chair: Alex Quinn
A Trust-Based Coordination System for Participatory Sensing Applications Alexandros Zenonos, Sebastian Stein and Nick R. Jennings (Imperial College London)
Lessons from an Online Massive Genomics Computer Game Akash Singh, Faizy Ahsan, Mathieu Blanchette and Jerome Waldispuhl (McGill University)
Crowdsourcing Paper Screening in Systematic Literature Reviews Evgeny Krivosheev (University of Trento), Fabio Casati (University of Trento & Tomsk Polytechnic University), Valentina Caforio (University of Trento), and Boualem Benatallah (University of New South Wales)
A Lightweight and Real-Time Worldwide Earthquake Detection and Monitoring System Based on Citizen Sensors Jazmine Maldonado, Jheser Guzman, and Barbara Poblete (University of Chile)
12pm-1:30pm Lunch on your own

Session 2: Crowds Supporting Complex Thinking

Chair: Walter Lasecki
Supporting Image Geolocation with Diagramming and Crowdsourcing
Notable Paper
Rachel Kohler, John Purviance and Kurt Luther (Virginia Tech)
Drafty: Enlisting Users to be Editors who Maintain Structured Data Shaun Wallace (Brown), Lucy Van Kleunen (Brown), Marianne Aubin-Le Quere (Brown), Abraham Peterkin (Brown), Yirui Huang (University of Toronto) and Jeff Huang (Brown)
Toward Scalable Social Alt Text: Conversational Crowdsourcing as a Tool for Refining Vision-to-Language Technology for the Blind
Best Paper
Elliot Salisbury (University of Southampton), Ece Kamar (Microsoft Research) and Meredith Ringel Morris (Microsoft Research)
Supporting ESL Writing by Prompting Crowdsourced Structural Feedback Yi-Ching Huang (National Taiwan University), Jiunn-Chia Huang (National Taiwan University), Hao-Chuan Wang (National Tsing Hua University) and Jane Yung-jen Hsu (National Taiwan University and Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center)
2:50pm-3:30pm Break

Session 3: Task Design and Incentive Mechanisms

Chair: Jane Hsu
Deja Vu: Characterizing Worker Reliability Using Task Consistency Alex C. Williams (Waterloo), Joslin Goh (Waterloo), Charlie G. Willis (Harvard), Aaron M. Ellison (Harvard), James H. Brusuelas (Oxford), Charles C. Davis (Harvard) and Edith Law (Waterloo)
"But you Promised": Methods to Improve Crowd Engagement In Non-Ground Truth Tasks Avshalom Elmalech and Barbara J. Grosz (Harvard)
Leveraging Side Information to Improve Label Quality Control in Crowdsourcing Yuan Jin (Monash University), Mark Carman (Monash University), Dongwoo Kim (Australian National University) and Lexing Xie (Australian National University)
Confusing the Crowd: Task Instruction Quality on Amazon Mechanical Turk Meng-Han Wu and Alexander J. Quinn (Purdue)
4:50pm-5:50pm HCOMP 2017 Industry panel discussion
Moderator: Adam Marcus
Panalists: Justin Harris, Daniela Retelny, Karolina Ziulkoski
5:50pm-7pm Free time
7pm-10pm HCOMP 2017 dinner reception at Cercle de la Garnison (The Garrison Club)
for HCOMP 2017 Registrants Only

Thursday, October 26, 2017 at Quebec City Convention Center (Room 306A, 3rd Level)

9am-10am Keynote: Emma Brunskill
10am-10:30am Poster madness
10:30am-11:10am Posters and demos (location: Room 306B, 3rd Level)

Session 4: Algorithms for Optimal Crowds

Chair: Daniela Retelny
Revenue-Maximizing Stable Pricing in Online Labor Markets Chaolun Xia and Shan Muthukrishnan (Rutgers)
Let's Agree to Disagree: Fixing Agreement Measures for Crowdsourcing Alessandro Checco (University of Sheffield), Kevin Roitero (University of Udine), Eddy Maddalena (University of Southampton), Stefano Mizzaro (University of Udine) and Gianluca Demartini (University of Queensland)
Cioppino: Multi-Tenant Crowd Management Daniel Haas (UC Berkeley) and Michael J. Franklin (University of Chicago)
Octopus: A Framework for Cost-Quality-Time Optimization in Crowdsourcing Karan Goel (CMU), Shreya Rajpal (UIUC) and Mausam (IIT-Delhi)
12:30pm-2pm Lunch on your own

Session 5: Crowd Systems

Chair: Beth Trushkowsky
CrowdMask: Using Crowds to Preserve Privacy in Crowd-Powered Systems via Progressive Filtering Harmanpreet Kaur (University of Michigan), Mitchell Gordon (University of Rochester), Yiwei Yang (University of Michigan), Jeffrey P. Bigham (CMU), Jaime Teevan (Microsoft Research), Ece Kamar (Microsoft Research) and Walter S. Lasecki (University of Michigan)
Crowdsourcing a Parallel Corpus for Conceptual Analysis of Natural Language Jamie C. Macbeth and Sandra Grandic (Fairfield University)
Dynamic Filter: Adaptive Query Processing with the Crowd Doren Lan, Katherine Reed, Austin Shin and Beth Trushkowsky (Harvey Mudd College)
Evaluating Visual Conversational Agents via Cooperative Human-AI Games Prithvijit Chattopadhyay (Georgia Tech), Deshraj Yadav (Georgia Tech), Viraj Prabhu (Georgia Tech), Arjun Chandrasekaran (Georgia Tech), Abhishek Das (Georgia Tech), Stefan Lee (Georgia Tech), Dhruv Batra (Georgia Tech and Facebook AI Research) and Devi Parikh (Georgia Tech and Facebook AI Research)
3:20pm-4:00pm Posters and demos (location: Room 306B, 3rd Level)

Session 6: Crowds in Context

Chair: Kurt Luther
Crowd-O-Meter: Predicting if a Person is Vulnerable to Believe Political Claims Mehrnoosh Sameki (Boston University), Tianyi Zhang (UT Austin), Linli Ding (UT Austin), Margrit Betke (Boston University) and Danna Gurari (UT Austin)
A 10-Month-Long Deployment Study of On-Demand Recruiting for Low-Latency Crowdsourcing Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang and Jeffrey P. Bigham (CMU)
Effective Prize Structure for Simple Crowdsourcing Contests with Participation Costs David Sarne and Michael Lepioshkin (Bar Ilan University)
Gender Differences in Equity Crowdfunding Emoke-Agnes Horvat (Northwestern) and Theodore Papamarkou (University of Glasgow)
5:20pm-5:50pm Town hall meeting