• Important Dates

    All times are midnight CET

  • Jun 5: Full paper abstracts submission
  • Jun 12: Full papers due
  • Jun 26: Workshop topic descriptions due
  • Jul 3: Doctoral Consortium applications due
  • Jul 31: Full papers and Doctoral Consortium notifications sent
  • Aug 7: Blue Sky Ideas papers due
  • Aug 11: Second round of Doctoral Consortium applications due
  • Aug 14: WiP papers and Demo papers due
  • Aug 20: WiP and Demo notifications sent, Full papers camera ready due
  • Aug 24: Blue Sky Ideas notifications sent
  • Sep 8: Second round of Doctoral Consortium notifications sent
  • Sep 20: WiP and Demo camera ready due
  • Sep 30: Blue Sky Ideas camera ready due
  • Oct 25–29: HCOMP2020
  • Conference Location

HCOMP 2020 is going to be held virtually, and will be co-hosted by the Dutch institute for media culture Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Read the full announcement here.

  • Conference Registration

Please visit the registration webpage for more information.

  • Code of Conduct

All persons, organizations and entities that attend AAAI conferences and events are subject to the standards of conduct set forth on the AAAI Code of Conduct for Events and Conferences. AAAI expects all community members to formally endorse this code of conduct, and to actively prevent and discourage any undesired behaviors. Everyone should feel empowered to politely engage when they or others are disrespected, and to raise awareness and understanding of this code of conduct. AAAI event participants asked to stop their unacceptable behavior are expected to comply immediately. Sponsors are also subject to this code of conduct in their participation in AAAI events. For more information about AAAI's Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct, please also see Code of Conduct for more information.

  • Workshops

Please check here for more information on the workshops.

  • Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium provides doctoral students with a unique opportunity to meet each other and experienced researchers in the field. Students will be mentored by a group of faculty who are leaders in the diverse specialties that make up the HCOMP field.

  • CrowdCamp

CrowdCamp started as a one-day hackathon for researchers and practitioners with interests in crowdsourcing, human computation, social media, and collective intelligence. CrowdCamp has been going on since 2011, at first co-located with CHI, then with CSCW, and since 2014 with HCOMP. Historically, CrowdCamp’s focus for participants has been aimed at creating deliverable prototypes or study designs during the workshop.

You can find details of previous editions here. Prior CrowdCamp projects have resulted in top-tier conference publications, blog posts, and on-going research. For the past several years the primary theme of CrowdCamp has been the Human-AI Collaboration.

   JOIN NOW! CrowdCamp2020 introduced an exciting online data challenge - CATS4ML: Crowdsourcing Adverse Test Sets for Machine Learning. The challenge is open for participation until 30 April, 2021.

By participating in this challenge you will join the global research community in using the power of crowdsourcing to discover AI blindspots in the Open Images Dataset.

Winning contributions will be presented at CrowdCamp 2021 and invited to co-author a paper describing the research breakthroughs.

For more information on CrowdCamp, please check its call.

  • Social Events

We will have many social events to help you have fun at HCOMP2020! Please check here for more information.


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