HCOMP Visuals


During the week, Dutch artist Elco van Staveren will create illustrations for the HCOMP papers. You can watch these illustrations come to life on the underline platform with the videos for Blue Sky and doctoral consortium sessions.

Elco van Staveren of Denkschets.nl visualizes complex issues and strategies for organizations. Hand-drawn and, if desired, live on a screen. With Denkschets.nl, he combines his academic background and expertise in communication, management and use of new technology, and especially his love for visualizing stories.

You can see the illustrations for past tasks and sessions below!

Workshop 1: Data Excellence Workshop

Keynote Speaker: Mounia Lalmas

Keynote Speaker: Anna Riddler

Keynote Speaker: Chris Welty

Keynote Speaker: Julia Noordegraaf

Keynote Speaker: Pietro Perona

Doctoral Consortium

Blue Sky Ideas


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