HCOMP 2022 Doctoral Consortium (Nov 6, 2022)


Access to the consortium

The day will be managed using the Virtual Chair platform. Please make sure you can access it and contact us with any problem. Here are the introductory materials prepared by Virtual Chair.

Schedule (All times are in PST)

08:00am - 08:10am:   Welcome (Alex and CJ)
08:10am - 09:20am:   Student Presentations

Each presentation will consist of a 5-minute presentation (from pre-recorded video) and 3-minute live Q&A.

  Claudia Flores-Saviaga   Organizing Crowds to Detect Manipulative Content
  Yunyi Li   Beyond Noisy Labels: Investigating the Impact of Label Bias for Active Label Acquisition
  Kehua Lei   Design at Scale for large-scale online communication and collaboration
  Steven Jecmen   Making Peer Review Robust to Undesirable Behavior
  Shaochen Yu   From the Lab to the Crowd: Hybrid Human-Machine Systems to Support Novice Data Workers in Data Quality Tasks
  Holly Rosser   What the Tech? Understanding How Technology Supports Learning In Citizen Science
  Senjuti Dutta   Supporting Multi-device Work Practices in Crowdwork
  Matthew Swindall   Crowdsourcing Image Datasets: An Examination of Ground-Truth in Labeling, Text Segmentation, & Sampling Bias

09:30am - 10:30am:   Panel: Trade-offs in Human Computation Careers

The purpose of this panel is to provide doctoral students with insight into the trade-offs in pursuing academic and industry careers in human computation and crowdsourcing.


10:30am - 11:30am:   Lunch Break
11:30am - 12:30pm:   One-on-One Mentorship
12:30pm - 01:40pm:   Panel: Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Human Computation

The purpose of this panel is to provide doctoral students with insight into strategies that they can leverage in building interdisciplinary collaborations in their application of human computation.


01:40pm - 02:00pm:   Closing Remarks and Social

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