• Conference Dates and Location

HCOMP 2022 will be held virtually on November 6 - 10, 2022. More information on the virtual conference platform will come soon.

  • Conference Registration

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  • Code of Conduct

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  • Doctoral Consortium

  • Chairs: Chien-Ju Ho and Alex Williams


November 6, 2022


The HCOMP’22 doctoral consortium provides PhD students with the unique opportunity to share their research with crowdsourcing and human computation experts, meet other PhD students, network, and receive mentoring from both industry and academia.

  • CrowdCamp

CrowdCamp started as a one-day hackathon for researchers and practitioners with interests in crowdsourcing, human computation, social media, and collective intelligence. CrowdCamp has been going on since 2011, at first co-located with CHI, then with CSCW, and since 2014 with HCOMP. Historically, CrowdCamp’s focus for participants has been aimed at creating deliverable prototypes or study designs during the workshop.

You can find details of previous editions here. Prior CrowdCamp projects have resulted in top-tier conference publications, blog posts, and on-going research. For the past several years the primary theme of CrowdCamp has been the Human-AI Collaboration.

You can find the call for CrowdCamp on this page.

  • Social Events

Coming soon.


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