Call for Submissions

Please check back for submission instructions.

  • General Submission Guidelines

Topics of Interests. HCOMP strongly believes in inviting, fostering, and promoting broad, interdisciplinary research on crowdsourcing and human computation. Submissions may present principles, studies, and/or applications of systems that rely on programmatic interaction with crowds, or where human perception, knowledge, reasoning, or physical activity and coordination contributes to the operation of computational systems, applications, or services. More generally, we invite submissions from the broad spectrum of related fields and application areas including (but not limited to):

  • Crowdsourcing areas: e.g., citizen science, disaster response and relief, crowdsourcing in health, travel, journalism, etc., collective action, collective knowledge, crowdsourcing contests, crowd creativity, crowd funding, crowd ideation, crowd sensing, distributed work, freelancer economy, open innovation, microtasks, prediction markets, wisdom of crowds, the future of work, etc.
  • Applications: e.g., gaming and gamification, knowledge bases, fact verification, computer vision, databases, digital humanities, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language and speech processing, optimization, programming languages, systems, etc.
  • Crowd/human algorithms: e.g., computer-supported human computation, crowd/human algorithm design and complexity, mechanism design, quality control, etc.
  • Human-centered crowd studies: human-computer interaction, social computing, cultural heritage, computer-supported cooperative work, design, cognitive and behavioral sciences (psychology and sociology), incentives, management science, economics, policy, ethics, etc.