Conference Organizers

Conference Co-Chairs


Jane Hsu

National Taiwan University

Ming Yin

Purdue University

Works-in-progress & Demonstrations Co-Chairs

Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang

Pennsylvania State University

Jahna Otterbacher

Open University of Cyprus

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs

Chien-Ju Ho

Washington University in St. Louis

Alex Williams


Industry & Sponsorships Co-Chairs

Lydia Manikonda

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mike Schaekermann

Google Research

Social Media and Publicity Co-Chairs

Janet Yi-Ching Huang

Eindhoven University of Technology

Jean Song


CrowdCamp Co-Chairs

Anhong Guo

University of Michigan

Saiph Savage

Northeastern University

Technology Co-Chairs

Amy Rechkemmer

Purdue University

Carlos Toxtli

Northeastern University / Clemson University

Website Co-Chairs

Danula Hettiachchi

RMIT University

Jordan Huffaker

University of Michigan

Social & Engagement Co-Chair

Nanyi Bi

National Taiwan University

Ujwal Gadiraju

Delft University of Technology

Conference Steering Committee (2022-2023)

Lora Aroyo

Committee Co-Chair and HCOMP 2020 Co-Chair

Jeffrey Bigham

Carnegie Mellon University and Apple
HCOMP 2014 Co-Chair

Ece Kamar

HCOMP 2021 Co-Chair

Gabriella Kazai

HCOMP 2018 Co-Chair

Edith Law

University of Waterloo, Canada
HCOMP 2019 Co-Chair

Matthew Lease

University of Texas at Austin and Amazon
HCOMP 2016 Co-Chair

Kurt Luther

Virginia Tech
HCOMP 2021 Co-Chair

Elena Simperl

King's College London
Committee Co-Chair and HCOMP 2020 Co-Chair


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